Office of the Veterans Ombudsman

We work to ensure that veterans and their families are treated fairly and have access to the programs and services that contribute to their wellbeing. We also study and recommend ways to make these programs better.

If you are a serving CAF member, RCMP member, Veteran, family member or representative and you feel you have been treated unfairly by Veterans Affairs Canada, or you would like information about programs and services that may help, the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman is here to help.

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COVID-19 Update

The Office of the Veterans Ombudsman continues to serve Veterans and their families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The easiest way to submit a complaint is via our online complaint form. Our toll-free number is now fully operational, so you can also contact us at 1-877-330-4343 or by email.

Information / Referrals: We can help you navigate the often complex Veterans Affairs Canada system by providing information about benefits and services, your rights and redress options, and by referring you to the right service for your needs.

Complaint resolution: We can help address your complaint if you believe you have been treated unfairly by Veterans Affairs Canada. Every attempt is made to resolve complaints quickly and informally.

Getting a Veteran Placement in a Long Term Care Facility

A Veteran was rushed to the hospital after falling at home. While there, worsening dementia combined with limited mobility made it impossible for the Veteran to return home.

Helping a Veteran Dependent Benefits

A Veteran had been paying child support for two years. Originally denied Dependent Benefits by VAC, the Veteran was finally approved but only compensated for one of the two years.

A Reimbursement for Long-Term Care

When a Veteran was admitted to a long term care facility, the Veteran’s family had no idea that VAC covered these costs.

Assisting a Veteran with Their Case Manager

A Veteran battling anxiety needed a doctor to complete a questionnaire for a totally and permanently incapacitated (TPI) Earning Capacity Assessment, but after moving to a new city, the Veteran had a hard time finding a doctor.

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The Veterans Ombudsman works toward ensuring that the sacrifices of Canada's Veterans and their families are recognized through the provision of services, benefits, and support in a fair and timely manner. The Ombudsman plays an important role in raising awareness of the needs and concerns of Veterans and their families.

The Ombudsman is an impartial and independent officer, reporting directly to the Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada. This independence is essential to ensure that the commitment to stakeholders is honoured.

As an independent voice, the Ombudsman works to ensure the fair treatment of Veterans, their representatives and their families, in accordance with the Veterans Bill of Rights.

Toll free from within Canada: 1-877-330-4343

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