Commitments to our Clients

  • We treat the people we serve in a professional manner. We are courteous and attentive to their needs, and we respect their confidences. We tell them clearly what we can do for them. We act diligently on their issues and we keep them informed;

  • We recognize that it is our duty to be objective and impartial;

  • We maintain the highest ethical practices, we comply with the law and we respect the standards developed for the Office;

  • We implement sound management practices in all aspects of our work;

  • We achieve results in the most effective ways possible, and we use wisely the resources entrusted to us;

  • We are not afraid of change. Indeed, knowing that everything can be improved, we actively seek and support it;

  • We foster a strong relationship with the Ombudsman’s Advisory Committee and its members, recognizing that they make valuable contributions to the work of the Office;

  • We develop and maintain open and mutually-enriching relationships with other ombudsman organizations, Veterans representative groups and other stakeholders.
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