My best wishes for the holiday season

Ottawa, ON - December 16, 2016

The upcoming holidays are an opportunity for the Veteran community to come together and celebrate Service—past and present—and to take some time to appreciate the rights and freedoms we enjoy as a result of their sacrifice. The past year has brought about some positive changes for Veterans and their families and presented opportunities to participate in informed discussions about the future and the road to wellness for our Veterans, serving members and their families

The holidays are a time for celebration with family and friends. This year during the holidays, please make a special effort to reach out to a Veteran. Express your gratitude for their service and wish them the best for the season. This time of year, I think about our Canadian Armed Forces members who are serving abroad over the holidays. I am grateful for both their service and sacrifice, and I wish them a safe, timely and joyful reunion with family and friends.

May your holidays be filled with warmth, comfort and joy, and may 2017 be full of health and happiness.



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